Steve’s Greens Report


October 23 2020 – Due to early snow fall today the course remains closed till further notice, stay tuned here or contact the Pro-shop 250 447-9313.

October 2 2020 – Greens are now punched and sanded , the weather was perfect for the task.   People ask if the greens will fill in this fall , more than likely no .   Its not the time to be promoting new growth so late in the year.    Our goal is for the growth to slow down so when fungicides are applied for the winter they are not wasted by the plant growing out.   This allows the fungicide to protect the plants for the whole winter.  This is the problem with late season aerifications , but there is a positive the greens will drain better through the winter hopefully limiting ice damage if we get both rain and freezing.   Anyways , starting Monday fairways on the bottom 9 will be started and we will move to tees and collars after that.   Enjoy the great upcoming weather.

September 9 2020 – Funny how time flies by , cannot believe we are into September already.   It has been a interesting and hectic year but very rewarding and productive as well.  We will be lining up our fall projects come October and also ……..yes,  i have to use the word “AERIFICATION” of the greens , tees ,collars and fairways.   If there is any questions as to why we aerify scroll down the page (May 5th 2020) and there is a write up of how EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AERIFICATION  is.   It is incorporated into every golf courses maintenance program through out the whole world.   So with that being said , SEPTEMBER 28TH BOTTOM 9 GREENS being done BOTTOM 9 HOLES CLOSED SEPTEMBER 29TH TOP 9 GREENS being done TOP 9 HOLES CLOSED  These dates are subject to change if the weather does not cooperate but usually these dates hold up.   STARTING OCTOBER 5TH , ALL 18 HOLES OF TEES AND COLLARS WILL BE AERIFIED PLUS OVER THE TWO WEEK PERIOD OF OCTOBER 5TH TO 16TH WE WILL BE AERIFYING THE FAIRWAYS AND ROUGH ON THE BOTTOM 9.   Our irrigation blowout is planned for October 14 and 15th.    

August 21st 2020 – There is no question that we have been extremely busy so far and looks like we have a lot of good golf weather ahead.   As we progress through the heat i want to say how incredible the new irrigation system has performed on the top 9.   A great design by Reg Down , clean install from Olsen Beatty and lot of appreciation to past and present board members that worked diligently on making it happen , a huge commitment with a HUGE return.   Our crew here at the maintenance area have been committed to 4am starts for the past 10 weeks trying to complete as many duties before the golfers get out to play.   These employees are dedicated to “getting the job done” often sacrificing some sleep , missing out on some summer activities due to having to be in bed by 7 or 8 and also knowing what it takes to be team players.   So when you see them out there just smile and a wave and let them know that you appreciate there efforts.     Enjoy the course and September is right around the corner , looking forward to those nice cool nights.

August 4th 2020 – Hard to believe the long weekend has come and gone but its not hard to believe how incredibly hot it has been.   The grounds crew is focused on getting as much water applied before play starts for the day.  Everyone here is and has been committed to 4am starts , our first hour is completely in the dark as we fight to keep up with maintenance especially when faced with a 5:08 am beginning tee time.   One thing so far is all the divots on the teeboxes confirm how busy we have been this year.   Please be aware that we are always trying to maintain the golf course for your playing pleasure and with it being so busy both our schedule of maintenance and most of the tee times will collide , patience is really the answer.    Looking forward to great August , maybe a couple cooler nights would be great as well.

July 20 2020 – It has been a very hectic start to the summer months so i have not had much time to update what is new or what is going on at the course , so here is a update.   The heat has hit us and we are now fulltime watering , projects are officially on hold until we get into a watering routine.   Currently we are fighting a reoccuring moss problem that has haunted us a few years back .   Moss likes to creep in on slopes as the grass is usually not as strong due to mowing daily plus low cutting height , this combined with our wet spring and it has had plenty of opportunity to thrive.   A chemical is added to a fertilizer program to knock it back and not let it spread any further.   So some places will look alittle thin on turf , but the idea is to knock it back then when aerification takes place in the fall it will allow new grass to creep into where the core and moss were removed.   Probably pulling hoses will be what you will see a lot just to keep areas from drying out but at the same time certain areas on the bottom 9 will need to be kept fairly dry as the subsurface is made of silt which does not allow for surface drainage.   Sometimes being on the drier side down there is a strategy used for playability not always for aesthetics.    Good news about the heat , hopefully it kills the remaining mosquitoes ( not this morning but hopefully soon)    

July 1 2020 – Looks like we are starting July off very wet .   As the course has seen both extremes of very wet and then a nice trend of starting to dry our crew has been busy keeping up with maintenance around the grounds.   We will be finishing off the last of the trees that need  “wrap” of soil now that our supplier had dry weather to screen topsoil.   This concludes the spring projects as we will now turn our focus to the irrigation system upkeep and grooming of the course.   Watering in another week will become a full time job with maintenance , repairs ,hand watering and overall control of what the course requirements are.   Heres to seeing the sun shine again this week and enjoying summer golf.

June 09 – 2020 – Course conditions are certainly getting drier which is nice to see.   Weather has a large part in “speed” of the golf course.  When moisture is present on the surface or in the soil it has profound impact on ball roll.   Moisture creates friction on the surface slowing the ball down and moisture in the soil creates “soft” conditions that impact ball roll as well.   The dry weather lets the ground tighten up and firm up allowing less resistance.   The greens have gained about 6 inches of roll just from a week of no rain and the bottom 9 fairways have begun to tighten up.   Ideal temperature for controlled conditions based on weather and amount of water needed, either by irrigation or rain is about 23-26 degrees and sunny.  This allows me to apply very light doses of water to control “over drying”  and keep watering under control.    Lets all have a good week and enjoy the course conditions.

June 04 -2020 – Hopefully the wet days are now behind us and we can begin the drying process on the bottom 9.   The bottom 9 has a tendency to hold water as it is constructed of river silt being that at one point in its life span it was actually part of the river.   We have have many projects and improvements being done around the course.  The new “face” on the driving range shack is really a upgraded improvement , thanks to all the volunteers who worked on that project.   The soil and seeding around the trees in looking great and will be nice when they fill in and can be mowed , this is the springs most labor intensive project.   New cart directional signs will be installed today .  The new teeboxes on number 5 and 6 are coming along nicely and are on a regular mowing schedule , a couple more weeks and they will be playable.   Every bunker on the course has been topped up with additional sand , close to 35 yards have been spread throughout the bunkers.   We use a new attachment on our sandpro to incorporate the new larger material with the existing slag that has broken down over time.   Good luck to all competing for the club championship.

May 26th – 2020 – The golf course has reached full saturation over the last couple days.  This means standing water throughout but mostly the bottom 9.  This is a critical time to continually use cartpaths and follow arrows by greens.   When the course is this wet , carts create traffic wear very quickly turning areas to mud.   We are out trying to keep everything mowed but with this much moisture it is a uphill battle but we have experienced this every year during the rainy times.   The teeboxes on 5 and 6 are looking great and will be mowed every second day to push it to thicken up so it can withstand play.   We will wait and see 30 degrees this weekend drying things up making our mowing easier and tidier.   Hope everyone is enjoying the course.

May 20 – 2020 – A very warm sun and rain showers has sent our Poa Annua grass to seed.   This particular variety of grass will be growing at a ferocious rate as the annual bluegrass that makes up the majority of the golf course sends up seed heads that are meant for the plant to reproduce.   This definitely will make parts of the greens bumpy and fairways seem at a longer cut.   It will take a couple weeks and this natural process will end.  

May 19 – 2020 – A wet long weekend with some sunshine has helped the greens improve to 95% filled in .   A quick note on pins and cups , the cup will be closer to the surface of the green as some golfers still use there putter to “dig” out the ball.   The usual lip would be destroyed within hours making the damaged area around the cup very unpleasant for other golfers.    Bathrooms are available on holes 6/7 and on 15 , please be very diligent in cleaning up before you use them as you are never sure who was just in there.   Paper towel supplied for wiping CAN NOT be flushed as we are on a septic system.   Tee boxes on number 5 and 6 were seeded 21 days ago and have been mowed twice already and are looking fantastic.  Number 5 being a completely new tee and Number 6 being a full restoration.   Also noted , please anybody wearing PPE do not drop it or leave them on the ground ,we are finding old rubber gloves laying around making the golf course unsanitary and unsightly , remember if you brought it take it home.   I have also talked with Kevin in regards to our local rule of any trees with dirt added around them should be treated as ground under repair .   We are currently working on seeding those areas or topping them off with soil , this being our spring project as it will take many manhours to complete.  Thanks for taking the time to be safe and also reading my updates.  

May 13 – 2020 – Greens are filling in nicely and will not be long until the holes have disappeared completely.   We have lowered the level of the cups for a better putting experience.     The putting green will have just a stick pin placed in the turf , please do not touch these or any of the pins on the course it is unsanitary, unnecessary and the flag stick will not come out without the whole cup coming out.   Just some friendly reminders about cart traffic , please follow the directional arrows to the cartpaths .   Looping wide around the greens in the carts is wearing out very playable areas around the greens complex.  Last thing , piling up your garbage on teebox areas or throwing it in the bush is unacceptable , you bring it or buy you have to take it home , leave it in the carts or use the garbage can supplied at the clubhouse , its unsightly and unsanitary.   Thanks to everyone doing there part to keep everyone golfing and working at the golf course safe.

May 6th – 2020 – Looks like we had perfect timing on greens aerification ,  the heavy rain will speed up the process by washing in a majority of the sand applied .  Fertilizer will then be applied to aid in the regrowth and fill in of holes.   Timing of aerification is usually based on a few factors those being weather , member traffic, tournament schedules ,green-fee traffic , and turf growth which requires the cooler temperatures as to prevent surface burning and heat stress.   Our new tee deck on #5 is seeded and the newly surfaced teedeck on #6 is also seeded.   Sprinklers located on these two tees will come on throughout the day usually on the hour starting after noon , keeping the surface moist is the only way to germinate the seed and then being able to keep it from dying in the heat.   The newly sodded tee deck on 6 has come along way and is performing very well.  Last year we took on 5 sod projects , #12 bunker edge by cart path , #14 fairway reconstruction and sodding of  bunker edges , #14 re shaping and mounding of bunker by green , #15 removal of far greenside bunker and re-sodding and #15 cart path/ wear area by green.  All have turned out well and have started to root permanently.  

May 5th 2020- Greens aerification update .  Greens are all aerified as of noon today , we had tremendous weather for day 1(Monday) and the sun was stubborn on day 2 (Tuesday) but they are sanded and ready to play on.   This is a good platform to touch on why we aerify and what it does for the golf course playing conditions.   Aerification is definitely one of the programs that is misunderstood and very unpopular by many golfers at all golf courses around the world.  The disruption of the putting surface seems severe but the benefits to the sub surface are irreplaceable by any other methods besides mechanical removal of under lying problems.   A little history , back in 2008 ice damage had formed during the winter killing much of the turf on greens ,tees and fairways rendering a decision to only aerify a few of the greens that had severe damage and then in the fall of 2008 a small 1/4 inch tine was used.    Move to 2009 , the greens at Christina lake had many issues , moss infestation , disease problems , hydrophobic areas and thinning turf which lead to a full scientific / soil analysis to figure what was hindering the greens.   A company ( International Sports Turf Research Center in Texas ) was hired to do lab work on the soil not the surface to help form a strategy of how we can repair the underlying problems.   In the report it was noted that on all greens  there infiltration rates ( how fast water moves through the profile) was poor some almost non-existent  leading to problems on the surface.   The cause was a organic layer being created at a 2″ depth that was/is “choking out” the green not allowing it to function properly for plant life.   This problem was slowly building up over time as aerification was slowed down and smaller tine sizes were being used.  The International Sports Turf Research Center gave full reports and recommendations to the club , number 1` item on the list is hollow tine aerification removing a minimum of 20% of the surface per pass and then filling the  holes with straight sand.    We have tried to achieve these numbers and usually average around 6% to 8% per pass of the aerifier , still low according to the recommendations but a improvement to the current soil conditions.   The organic layer is aggressive and fills back in rather quickly if left for along period of time ( like skipping 1 of the spring or fall aerifications).  For the best health of the greens is at the utmost top of the list to try and complete 2 aerifications per year to keep ahead of the problems underneath the surface.  Skip to 2020 , we are still working on the same program as it will probably be something we will always deal with due to the excessive amount of aerification required to remove the underlying organic layer.   Even though our greens had just finished filling back in from a late fall aerification date it is IMPERATIVE that we had them punched and top-dressed again this spring so they have the ability to sustain plant life and provide a good putting surface during the busy , hot and stressful golf season.   A lot of information but a small look into the world of agronomy and how sometimes the things that look most disruptive can be the most important and healthy programs that benefits both the greens and the golfers for the season.

March 2 2020 – This morning I have wondered the golf course and we are still at 99% snow covered.  Approx 6 to 10 inches are still frozen on most parts of the course.   Definitely hoping for some rain and some warm sunny days to help remove the stubborn snow.  On a positive note we are well ahead of last years accumulation , we had close to 24 inches at this time last season.   Keep fingers crossed and look for my updates.


November 6th 2019 – looks like winter has won ,  THE GOLF COURSE IS NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

November 1 2019 – The golf course is now CLOSED

October 28th 2019 – With winter fresh in the air the golf course will be on frost delays and closures for the rest of the season.  With night temperatures reaching well below zero and daytime temperatures going only to two to four degrees the possibility of course closure in imminent.  PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU DRIVE OUT AS ANY FUTURE TEETIMES WILL NOT BEFORE NOON IF THE COURSE IF EVEN OPEN THAT DAY.

October 11 2019 – Aerification of greens is now complete !!!! The weather was excellent and after a 12 hour day the greens have been completed.  The days are getting shorter and frost has been a issue the last couple mornings , on Thursday tee times were held back til 11:15 and on Friday almost noon.  If your not sure please call in and see if there is a frost delay.   Looking forward to nice fall golf and we will just see how long the season will last.  

October 4th 2019 – The weather for this week of aerification did not cooperate so we have rescheduled aerification of greens for Monday October 7th and Tuesday October 8th.  We will also be aerifying tees and collars during this week so expect cores to present throughout the day on many different areas of the golf course and standing sand until it works its way into the profile.   Some exciting new shaping has been done on the left of #14 and the filling in of the bunker on the left of #15 , this is a rough shape with the final grade expected very soon as we complete the aerification and time allows for the man-hours it to complete.  A touch of green has been added to one of the banks exiting the clubhouse driveway with the entrance side coming next.  Our days are limited as it really feels like fall so please enjoy the colors of fall that the short days have produced.  

September 27th 2019 – What a excellent Sr. Mens Open , the weather was suspect at times but it was nice to see so many players enjoying the competition and the golf course.  We will be removing our drinking water stations after today and starting our winter prep.  Hope fall is kind to us and the sun will shine again.

September 13th 2019 – Looking forward to a beautiful fall type weekend.   Just a reminder newly placed sod on holes 11 ,12 and 14 are out of play and a drop can be taken.   Please try to not walk on the new sod throughout the course as it will cause damage.  Hope everyone gets out to enjoy some golf and also see all the work the maintenance crew is doing to keep the golf course in prime shape heading into fall.

September 10th 2019 – Looks like we have made it through the hot summer months and we are going to enjoy some excellent fall golf.   On Monday September 9th , we have applied a ORGANIC fertilizer to the greens to stimulate new growth for the fall but it also gives us some nitrogen in the ground to help heal the greens after aerification.   The fertilizer remains dark during wet weather but will work its way into the greens eventually.    Aerification of greens is scheduled for September 30 for the bottom 9 and October 1 for the top 9 , both days will be open for 9 hole play only .   NEW SOD work has been laid in front of the pot bunker on Number 11 green , the ONLY WAY THIS WILL SURVIVE IS IF CART TRAFFIC STAY OFF AND FOLLOW THE CART DIRECTIONAL ARROWS.  Looking forward to the fall and all of our events that the club has planned. 

August 6th 6:30 AM – looks like our summer heat has come to stay , our new water system on the top 9 has been a incredible addition to the front holes of the golf course.  Just a quick note to any golfers that use the new “pin in ” rule when putting.  Please when removing your ball from the cup with the pin still in , PLEASE DO NOT use the actual pole to yard the ball out of the cup or use your putter to “dig” the ball out.  This ruins the edge of the cup for every golfer afterwards and it also pulls the cup up creating a crown or bump around the cups putting surface making the ball fall away when it gets close to the hole.   The crew at the turf maintenance center hope you enjoy all there hard work they put in everyday to make the golf course a enjoyable experience.

July 25th 6:00AM – After yesterdays storms the course is slowly drying with some remaining puddles on the bottom 9.   Please use caution around the wet areas with carts , hopefully just avoiding those areas altogether.   This morning we have top-dressed the greens with a skiff of sand brushing them after and then mowing , this smooths out the surface and helps stand up any long grain on the greens to be mowed off.   Enjoy the dry day and enjoy the course.

July 24th 9:00am – The golf course has been battered with torrential rain and wind last night as well as a 15 minute early morning down pour flooding the golf course.    Even though the sun has returned the course is saturated and we have suspended cart traffic.  Our maintenance staff has been hard at work since 4am cleaning up and preparing for the day , we will continue to use our equipment on the course so we do not get behind on mowing duties.  The combination of rain and sun is very good for growth and so we do not fall behind the crew will be continuing to mow even though we are soft and soaking wet.

July 15th 8:45Am – I have opened the new white box located on hole number 9.   It will be used randomly as it is still fairly new.  Yardage from the middle is exactly 150 yrds , hope you enjoy it .

July 5Th 10:30AM Please note – White paint lines have been added to the greens approach , these lines are to help eliminate power cart wear around the greens complex.  All power carts should deviate to the paved cart path provided next to greens.  Please aid in keeping these areas from wearing out.   We will be order signage in the future to help direct traffic.  We at the maintenance department hope everyone enjoys the weekend and looking forward to warmer / dryer weather coming our way next week.

June 28th 10:42AM We are experiencing very high volumes of rain , carts should follow the 90 degree rule and stay away from green areas .  Please use cart paths where available.

June 26th We have just recently sodded the cart path from 15 green to 16 tee.   Please be CAREFUL  walking or playing off the new surface , it will be painted white so a drop can be taken.