Steve’s Greens Report

June 26th We have just recently sodded the cart path from 15 green to 16 tee.   Please be CAREFUL  walking or playing off the new surface , it will be painted white so a drop can be taken.

June 28th 10:42AM We are experiencing very high volumes of rain , carts should follow the 90 degree rule and stay away from green areas .  Please use cart paths where available.

July 5Th 10:30AM Please note – White paint lines have been added to the greens approach , these lines are to help eliminate power cart wear around the greens complex.  All power carts should deviate to the paved cart path provided next to greens.  Please aid in keeping these areas from wearing out.   We will be order signage in the future to help direct traffic.  We at the maintenance department hope everyone enjoys the weekend and looking forward to warmer / dryer weather coming our way next week.

July 15th 8:45Am – I have opened the new white box located on hole number 9.   It will be used randomly as it is still fairly new.  Yardage from the middle is exactly 150yrds , hope you enjoy it .

July 24th 9:00am – The golf course has been battered with torrential rain and wind last night as well as a 15 minute early morning down pour flooding the golf course.    Even though the sun has returned the course is saturated and we have suspended cart traffic.  Our maintenance staff has been hard at work since 4am cleaning up and preparing for the day , we will continue to use our equipment on the course so we do not get behind on mowing duties.  The combination of rain and sun is very good for growth and so we do not fall behind the crew will be continuing to mow even though we are soft and soaking wet.

July 25th 6:00AM – After yesterdays storms the course is slowly drying with some remaining puddles on the bottom 9.   Please use caution around the wet areas with carts , hopefully just avoiding those areas altogether.   This morning we have topdressed the greens with a skiff of sand brushing them after and then mowing , this smooths out the surface and helps stand up any long grain on the greens to be mowed off.   Enjoy the dry day and enjoy the course.

August 6th 6:30 AM – looks like our summer heat has come to stay , our new water system on the top 9 has been a incredible addition to the front holes of the golf course.  Just a quick note to any golfers that use the new “pin in ” rule when putting.  Please when removing your ball from the cup with the pin still in , PLEASE DO NOT use the actual pole to yard the ball out of the cup or use your putter to “dig” the ball out.  This ruins the edge of the cup for every golfer afterwards and it also pulls the cup up creating a crown or bump around the cups putting surface making the ball fall away when it gets close to the hole.   The crew at the turf maintenance center hope you enjoy all there hard work they put in everyday to make the golf course a enjoyable experience.

September 10th 2019 – Looks like we have made it through the hot summer months and we are going to enjoy some excellent fall golf.   On Monday September 9th , we have applied a ORGANIC fertilizer to the greens to stimulate new growth for the fall but it also gives us some nitrogen in the ground to help heal the greens after aerification.   The fertilizer remains dark during wet weather but will work its way into the greens eventually.    Aerification of greens is scheduled for September 30 for the bottom 9 and October 1 for the top 9 , both days will be open for 9 hole play only .   NEW SOD work has been laid in front of the pot bunker on Number 11 green , the ONLY WAY THIS WILL SURVIVE IS IF CART TRAFFIC STAY OFF AND FOLLOW THE CART DIRECTIONAL ARROWS.  Looking forward to the fall and all of our events that the club has planned. 

September 13th 2019 – Looking forward to a beautiful fall type weekend.   Just a reminder newly placed sod on holes 11 ,12 and 14 are out of play and a drop can be taken.   Please try to not walk on the new sod throughout the course as it will cause damage.  Hope everyone gets out to enjoy some golf and also see all the work the maintenance crew is doing to keep the golf course in prime shape heading into fall.